by theodotdoron

No, inequality by no means is something to revel over. We encounter it in so many places. Where to start, where to start? Let’s start with birth. Your DOB as well as your POB are things entirely out of your hand, yet entirely significant in determining a great deal of the chances you do encounter during your life span. In all the shouts and cries for equality coming from different sides of the fence, this hurdle I see hardly ever being addressed.

Your sex, your skin colour, your parents income, your parents pedigree, your demographic area, your meridian of birth all contribute a great deal to what you can or can not do later in life. Total equality for all would require us to be restarting the computer, I mean, our program called existence. Impossible. So all we can do is to get to work within the ever moving, ever changing circumstances so intrinsically flawed one really wondered how it got to this state in the first place.

I often wonder how one can truly doubt the existence of a God on the basis of there being poverty in the world. For, if you cut God out of the picture, what you are left with is a bunch of people now being responsible for this sorry state. How come we haven’t gotten our act together in solving this despicable scenario? How come our attention now is zooming in on places like Sierra Leone, only to fend off a dreadful Ebola crisis instead of getting involved much earlier on? After all there is one doctor per 100,000 people whereas in the US it is 1 per 245. That is an injustice.

Gosh darn it, why is life so intrinsically tricky and just so not straight forward? Why are we caught up in a messy situation like this and are contributing to this ourselves? One can not truly look at injustice from outside, as we are caught up in it. It would take one with proper knowledge to judge injustice. And, assuming a character X possessing such qualities of omniscience, here is what X comes up with. Oh dear Lord, our injustices are places entirely on another somewhat superhuman.

Like a trojan horse He is smuggled within the faulty program intend on fixing the mess. The answer is for everyone to come to the conclusion that one is intrinsically flawed and in need of intervention. By becoming self aware in this way, the program, bit by bit (see what I did there? Bit, haha, very funny) will be decluttered in theory.  For the self awareness leads to an acceptance of needing external intervention. In other words, you can now daily pray: Help me to love these motherf***ers! Brilliant!