I ain’t got nobody

by theodotdoron

The closest I have ever come to an imaginary friend is believing in Jesus. Why am I saying that? Well, I guess that we never really played in the sandbox, and He never pushed my swing. Actually, at that tender age He may very well have been my friend, yet I did not really care so much. Noah’s ark was more up my alley. So, I really never had any imaginary friends at all. Weird. What would it mean?

Two brothers were making my life interesting, and constantly moving continents at times probably helped in making life exciting. Yes, an imaginary friend as such is not counted amongst those commodities I recall when dwelling on childhood. Lots of chocolates. We had those. Our day care child, a girl called Carol, had a single mum working down a chocolate factory. Whenever she would discover a mistake in the assembly line she would get paid in choccies.

Guess after a while she couldn’t stomach them any more, so we did all the more. Yum, Swiss chocolates as my childhood staple food. Who needs imaginary friends any ways? I never saw her again, that Carol. Once we moved, I had my own life to deal with and Carol vanished. She may very well be something like an imaginary friend as nothing points to her really having existed apart from stories and memories, and we all know how deceiving those memories can be.

Yes, I revisited Thalwil once, and her house had long been inhabited by someone else. Maybe I should look her up on facebook? Many of my friends had turned into imaginary friends over the years, as they disappeared as swiftly as they had entered my life. There was a Dorothee whom I shared a mosquito netting with whilst in India. We ran from those attacking rats and cockroaches by sleeping on the rooftop only to be rudely awaken in the early morning hours by a horde of villagers chasing a stray dog of it.

Then there were these friends from church who kind of disappeared into thin air once they learned I was admitted to the psych ward of a hospital some 20 years ago. Boy oh boy. It turned out that rumours managed to replace me for they now preferred talking behind my back instead of even with it. Rumours replacing people happens so fast. One friend replaced me with a rumour that I was a thieving thief. That way I gained so many more imaginary friends, namely all those who believed her spreading that rumour.

To say I have a friend in Jesus may sound to some like something coming straight out of the psych ward. Well, let me reassure you, this does not entirely apply, as I have not set foot in one ever since twenty years ago. To some it may sound like that grown version of imaginary friends. To me, it proves to be the only thing that is real. Every other friend proves to be fickle over time, that Jesus friend does not. Kind of a steady thing. Every characteristic a friend should have is found in His character.

Interested in all my garb, listening while I yap away, helpful, sometimes giving me a heads-up. I guess, that was Him with me in the psych ward. I know, I know. Doubly scary now. If you are void of an imaginary friend, may I suggest Him? He is not quite as imaginary if you give it a try, I promise. But, as experience has shown, don’t take my word for it, better to take His word for it. That way you ain’t ever gonna have to say: I ain’t got nobody!