Schools out

by theodotdoron

Can I be taught? Do I consider myself necessary to be receiving instruction? At times in history a teacher was considered a noble position, and people of royal descent sought out notable people with a high degree of education. Alexander having been taught by Aristotle is one of such cases as is the lady who was instructed by Descartes. Having a private tutor marked one as being from a certain pedigree.

Head knowledge is well and proper and not to be dismissed. What about acquiring a certain conduct? At a royal court a certain protocol calls for very structured behaviour, something Lady Di and also Sissi, the empress of Austria, most notably suffered extremely. I was raised at the other end of the spectrum. In German pedagogy we find a school of thought that ran rampant in the seventies. It was known as anti-authoritarianism.

Understandably in light of the prior abuse of power and authoritarian structures that were prominent during the Nazi regime. Everything not in accordance with the leading opinions of mostly hateful content was destroyed, often times in crude ways of publicly burning any material deemed unworthy. Man was thought to be educated in a strict manner, women to bear children, men to fight and be blood thirsty, and above all, they were to be blond with blue eyes.

Funny coincidence that Hitler was neither blond, nor did he have blue eyes nor did he have the famous height sought in a good Arian representative. I am using this term in a derogatory manner here, and am in no shape or form adhering to anything connected to it. Yes, we often are told that we are not to do as I do, but do as I say. Strange that this incoherence in required appearance was so blatant during the Nazi regime, yet it did not deter people from embracing this hypocritical figure.

Of course, Hitler was much more than just that, but the bestiality of his person is out of question, so I won’t concern myself with that aspect here. He was a terrible leader leading his people into destruction and death and yet afterwards people sought to come to an understanding how on earth they could have been sucked into those years of madness and they found a culprit: surely it was the system of authority instead of just that particular authority.

One can only speculate in what way mankind was able to learn from such atrocities and generally I refrain from spewing out theories on how suffering leads to instruction in other people. Such concepts I can only apply to myself. And, yes, I have learned by hurt and pain. No, I do not like to admit it, but it is true. Of course I am aware how the victims were not given the luxury of learning from their experiences. Therefore I do not advocate such an approach in anyone else but one’s own person.

So, learning things in regards to my own conduct often comes at the expense of comfort. I have to let go of concepts I had held dear until then. Having concepts blown to bits usually is not something one goes out of one’s way to encounter. Actually, I seek the road that is labelled distress free too frequently. Hence I am suggesting to seek a tutor, an instructor, someone ahead of me, something like a Rabbi.

This Rabbi would teach me things and take me down routes I otherwise would avoid, since I seek comfort and pleasure as a human being, not discomfort and distress. This teacher would have to know the entirety of me and also know everything that is welcoming us on our road. Somewhat an omniscient kinda guy or gal. Someone able to anticipate things instead of merely reacting to this. Gosh, something like a God, really.

P.S. If you wonder how in one piece I can write on a horrific event of suffering and also about God, yes, I do apologize. One of these things I still truly do not quite understand how on earth they can go together. One day, maybe.