The Crow

by theodotdoron

Those born into the sign of the crow generally are thought to be curious and inquisitive. Crows always figure out a way to do things and can adapt to nearly any environment. Crows are cautious in nature and tend to shy from situations that are deemed to be potentially dangerous. Crows can observe something twice and understand its workings.

Crows, though, are often viewed as a sign of doom and are not greatly loved due to their morbid exterior. They remind others of death or doom and are therefore shunned. Crows do not have a pretty exterior and are not thought off as cute and adorable. But, you have seen nothing yet, wait until they open their beaks.

Crows make noises that sound screetching and a little off tune. Not particularly harmonious, they are the black sheep within the bird family. If you are born into the sign of the crow, you too will feel at times that not matter what you say it will always sound off tune and definitely never quite desirable or something that draws people in.

Instead, you will notice how people will withdraw from you after you have said something. Crows are the orphans of the bird world. However, they tend to enjoy great freedom purely for the fact that hardly anyone ever thought of putting a crow into a cage for pure pleasure. I have, but then, I am one myself, and, I would not like to be put into a cage, so, I guess I will never own a crow.

In fact, no one owns a crow, and crows will never be looked at adoringly or with a beloved eye, except from other crows. Crows thrive on the harsh reality of their surrounding and make it work for them. I love crows, I love how they look at me almost knowingly. I love how they steal things off my balcony that serves as food.

I love how they spread their wings and with a dramatic drop fall off the balcony. Almost vampiric, like a velvet coat. There is something cumbersome and almost clumsy about them, yet they also carry with them an elegance akin to a beautiful simple mathematical formula. Yes, if I could be some animal, I would love to be the crow. I love crows.