Please, enjoy the ride

by theodotdoron

You may think you know where this is going, but, lo and behold, you are kidding yourself. Yes, you do know more and more where this is not going, but a clear perspective is more than absent. Can you tell the speed of the ride? It is obvious you are going somewhere, only the destination is not clear.

At times you may have wished to have taken that turn two minutes earlier. Take that one job, go for the other option? And now, you feel as though the current may just drag you over the edge. In fact, this month, you will do things previously unheard of, like turning down a job, or being incredibly demanding in salary and still turning down that job.

Yes, things you never deemed possible are happening, silly things that seem too tiny to mention. Your taste may change drastically, for instance will you reach for tiny pearl earrings instead of giant statement pieces. Not something ever found written in the pages of history books. Yet you find them incredibly puzzling.

No, you can not help feeling something is happening, yet the signs are too minuscule to interpret in a proper manner. I suggest you simply enjoy the ride, revel in the new found love for the finer things in life like cashmere and silks, and trust that this ride will take you somewhere. Judging by the land marks along the road, the destination will be awesome!