by theodotdoron

In 2214, it is impossible to read any of those old files. As we now simply download things directly into our neuronal pathways, there is no need to open a file. Other programs are implanted into our heads or tummies (did you know that your stomach has a neuronal network?) from where they do as they are supposed to.

At times, underground groups work on decoding the old material as they hope it will contain material supporting conspiracy theories on why the world is the way it is, failing to realize that the world is the way it is simply because we are the way we are. The inability to open those files will lead to more conspiracy theories, suggesting all sorts of interesting things.

Come to think of it, in many ways, the world will be just like it is today. Only, there is a huge data trash pile on Mars. After google has vanished due to some weird thing that too is subject to conspiracy theories their super computers are being disposed off on Mars.

Singularity will never happen, since man realizes it is only a conspiracy theory to imagine computers to be equally destructive as man is. Man has always managed quite by himself to destroy others, be it with a rock or by elaborate identity theft. The brain behind it remains human though, even if he relies on the help of tera to the tera byte computing power.

Yes, life as usual for most. No one wants to travel to Mars as it is full of trashy rotting hard drives. People are not drowning in data, instead, they mostly don’t care. Much like today really. You may have some robots serving you at home after you bought them on the shopping channel implanted into your head. Only, they tend to accumulate in your basement, dusty and unused, as they ran out of battery.

Yes, 2214 will be much like today and yet nuffink like today, just like yesterday is so much like today yet nuffink like it. Just mostly, we don’t care enough to notice. Enjoy today will remain the hardest lesson for mankind to learn. Much like today. Glad we have quite a few days left to get around learning this lesson. Moo!