Every day is like a new beginning

by theodotdoron

The above is actually a brilliant song. However, I use it to express how I remember songsw: daily I wake up with one stuck in my head. Todays song: I’m gonna soak up the sun, by Sheryl Crow. Yesterdays was Let the ruins come to life.Yes, every day is like a new beginning for me in that sense.

There were the Pet Shop Boys with Being boring, Johnny Cash with various songs, Michael Jackson with They don’t care about us and on and on it goes. As soon as the song plays, I can sing along. The weirdest song I suddenly remember the lyrics to.

Be it obscure eighties stuff, seventies disco, sixties psychedelic, nineties pop. It’s all there, in my head, inhabiting the space between my ears. However, were you to ask me now about Modern Talkings  Cheri Cheri Lady I would not be able to give you the lyrics. It only comes with the melody.

The only thing I truly know by heart is Psalm 23. And the Lords prayer. That one though only when said by others, too. And, guess when I learned Psalm 23? At the age of 3 or 4, in Sunday school. Funny, eh? I was working with kids myself at that tender age, and seriously, they never look as though they remember to even put on pants.