Skin Deep

by theodotdoron

There have been several skin care products that I loved and certainly seized their existence the moment I discovered them. Olay product lines that really worked wonders are now only available in the US, costing me the same amount in postage as the product itself costs. Olay professional pro-x, I can recommend it to all of you lucky inhabitants of the USA.

In some way, I was eventually blessed by this discontinuation, since it saves me bucket loads of money. Even though affordable, it still set me back a buck or two, and often it was between food and carer product, the product always winning hands-down.

Now I buy retinol in pure form, for a measly percent of the previous costs, from Poland. Yes, my face has not dissolved just yet, and apart from a few spots every now and then, which is normal for that kind of dosage, my face is happy. My moisturiser I get from ALDI, the German equivalent to Wallmart.

In closing, I must admit that this discontinuation has been a great thing. It took me a good two years to find a great replacement, but it was truly worth it. I pay maybe 3€ a month for skin care products now, down from a good 40€ before. Yes, Olay, you have let me down, but I forgive you. And buy cupcakes from the balance. Thanks, Olay!