Man, who has made me a judge over you

by theodotdoron

For a few months now I have been going to prison, having a church service with inmates inside. For roughly two years prior, I had been reading immense amounts of material on cases, criminals and background stories to crimes. It is something I still do. Eventually I will be appointed one prisoner, to whom I will be an official prison visitor to. Strangely enough, once inside the institution and working with the inmates, I had a sensation that I was born to do this. Could I be born to work with killers, rapists, thieves and general thugs? My first inclination was that I had absolutely no intention of finding out about the particular crime the person was in for. I wanted to be spared sob stories of people claiming to be innocent in the face of my inability to determine any which way. Now I have come to the conclusion that my approach will be from Luke 12:14, “Friend, who made me a judge over you to decide such things as that?” As I am not permitted to speak too much about things taking place inside the prison, and pertaining to inmates, I would like to use this vehicle here as a form of framing the background information on crimes, criminals and the prison system and how it interacts with my personal experience thereof. My supposed inmate is notorious in a sense that I have heard of his crime before. I had actually become aware of it at a time of walking around that particular area where it happened and my husband pointing it out to me several years ago. It is peculiar to me how I will now encounter this individual who, at the time and unbeknownst to him, had given me quite a chill. So my journeys into prison causes me to really look at the dark side in more than one way, and, maybe by allowing a light being shone upon it, in some shape or form change will be accomplished.