Prison letter

by theodotdoron

Pictures, dates, names, personal interests and data all arrived in the mailbox today. This happens a lot, only today it was from a known criminal. How many people do I sit next to in the U-Bahn who have committed the exact same crime? How many drive that very U-Bahn, and yet I choose to put my life in their hands daily. Moses was one, so was David, there are only a few people in the Bible who were not committing such an act, yet they are greatly revered by the entire church. And here I am, slightly overwhelmed by my knowledge of this deed. Stupid. Is a person only that one act he once did and nothing beyond? David was a man after God’s heart after he killed and lied and slept with another man’s wife. Is there life after murder? Or is it a life sentence? Questions are piling up all around me. The longer I engage with the subject of imprisonment and crime, the more questions I seem to have. Did you know that people on a jury are actually less quick in determining someone’s guilt in comparison to those non-involved ones? The closer I get, the less I have picture perfect answers.