Prisoners Of The World

by theodotdoron

HONY, Humans of New York, is an incredibly inspiring and enthralling idea. The Spotlight is shone on regular people on the street who proof to be far from ordinary. I love how, in a time of social media feeds being crammed full with the luxury life style, HONY shows life, the real version of it. People we pass by on a daily basis have stories to tell. One year, I came across a whole set of people involved in the phenomenon of prostitution: A girl who had prostituted herself for several years. Through her I met several other girls who had also sold their bodies. I also met a Pimp, and saw what his money bought him. Further, I got to learn of a man cheating on his girlfriend with a prostitute and I also knew his girlfriend quite well. Then I also was in touch with a woman who had made it her life’s mission to help women who are trapped in human trafficking, especially in the sex trade. All these people were found in the direct vicinity of my life, and I found it to be an incredible privilege to get such a diverse insight into the subject.

Today I am going to a see a theatre play shown inside a prison, with all the actors being inmates. Since I am engaging with the subject of crimes and criminals, I often ask myself about those people in my direct surroundings, be it on the bus, the train, in a coffee show, the tram driver etc. Statistically, I may have interacted with murderers before without my knowledge. Why is it now different, since I know that the Prisoner I am an official prison visitor to is sitting in for that? He actually did not execute the killing. Somehow, this seems like mere details to me. It is such a taboo, taking another human beings life. My grandfather was certainly guilty of it I imagine, as he was a soldier in World War II. Yet, during his life time, he never once brought it up. When is a good time really to do so? Over coffee with a nice bit of crumpet?