Dear friends,


oh I have been off the radar far too long. For some time now I had wished to , well, here goes, get a job in my church. Once an opportunity opened up to help somewhere, I did so all-in, thinking that my time had finally come. This was almost two years ago, and well, I still have no job either way. The curious thing is that it is impossible for me to find a job anywhere. And it had been for all this time. I guess out of mere puzzlement over this I had weighed my options with the church-thing. Well, whilst helping with a church event, for which I styled etc, I realized I had been neglecting this area of my life completely. I went ahead, hopeing to get a chance to work in that field again in which I had, admittedly, most experience due to many years of studying and also working therein.

So, even though I had thought it had finally been lain to rest, I experienced a fashion resurrection about, well, 15 months ago. Saying that, I still can not find a job, yet I am doing a grand course at present helping me with search engine marketing. Actaully I cam to wordpress in order to install google analytics. Well, it didnt really work. Anyways, I came to many a nice comment, and so I wanted to inform you of the things I am currently doing:


I am working on something exciting and would love for you to be a part of it. I will be more diligent in checking this account, I promise, and I would very much appreciate your support on my instagram site, too. Thanks!